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Covid 19 – Vietnam Visa – Vietnam Entry Package

We are proud of being one of the experts in entry permit and package. We have operated in this aspect since May 2020, and help hundreds of experts, managers, investors and their dependents get an entry permit for Vietnam, book flight, quarantine hotel and transport for quarantine each month. Our success rate is 100% up to now.
If you have a sponsor company in Vietnam and don’t know where to get started, you have us as your personal assistant through the entire process to successfully stay at the quarantine hotel in Vietnam.

How it works?

You can order the whole Vietnam entry package online and you with get it through simple 3 steps.

Get Initial Assessment & Quote

Contact us at for initial assessment, consultation and quote. NO obligation for service. FREE of charge.

Prepare paperworks

We will work with you and your sponsor company (if required) to complete all papers required for the service.

Prepare paperworks

We will work with you and your sponsor company (if required) to complete all papers required for the service.

Scope of Service

In order to get into Vietnam, you need to acquire the following items. Vietnam-visa will fully support you to get those items quickly and accurately.

1. Vietnam Entry Permit

Preparing and submitting all required paperwork to obtain a Vietnam entry permit require experience and in-depth knowledge as it involves:

  • Management Unit of Industrial Park or Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs,
  • Provincial People’s Committee,
  • Department of Health,
  • Immigration Department.

We can help you to complete this entire process within 30 – 35 working days through a simple procedure.

3. Quarantine Hotel

As regulated, all foreign entrants are required to stay at hotels approved by the Vietnam Government for quarantine. We have full list of those hotels across Vietnam, and can recommend you the reputable ones with good service to quarantine at.

You only need to tell us your requirements and we will do our part to find the best one for you.

2. Flight Booking

Due to the complicated development of Covid 19, all commercial flights to Vietnam have been suspended, and only a few flights with special government permission are allowed to carry foreign experts to Vietnam. Their details are not always made available online.

As such, finding and booking a flight ticket to Vietnam on your own will take significant time and entail considerable risk if you do not have accurate and timely assistance. Therefore, we highly recommend you reserve your flight with us, as:

we have worked well with the airlines which operates flights to Vietnam in Covid 19, as such we can figure out the one with the flight to be run around your expected date quicker than you,

  • We know the best routine for you, both in terms of flight time and cost, and

We keep you immediately updated of any changes related to your flight.

4. Transport to Quarantine Hotel

Upon arrival at Vietnam airport or border gate, you cannot take a public bus or taxi to get to your quarantine hotel, but a special vehicle dedicated for that function. You don’t know how to arrange it! Then, leave it in our part.

No matter where you are entering Vietnam, where you stay for quarantine, we can arrange the best service for you.

Benefits of Vietnam Entry Package

With our Vietnam entry package, you will:

  • get consulted for the procedure to get Vietnam entry permit;
  • get consulted for papers to be prepared;
  • get all the forms prepared by us;
  • have us complete all the procedures with the Government authorities to get required papers and Vietnam entry permit;
  • get updated on your progress;
  • be assisted to book the flight to Vietnam as quickly as possible;
  • be assisted to book the quarantine hotel meeting your requirements;
  • get assisted for further services after your quarantine, including Vietnam visa extension, Vietnam work permit, Vietnam temporary residence card.