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QuickBooks Inventory Management


Let’s say that your cash balance at the beginning of your fiscal year was $100,000, and today it is $75,000. The net income figure on your P&L won’t give you the full details on why your cash balance decreased, but the Statement of Cash Flows will. To do so, choose Reports, Company & Financial, and then Statement of Cash Flows. If you need beginning and ending balances for a shorter period, such as a quarter, choose Reports, Accountant and Taxes, and then General Ledger. Set the report dates to the period of your choice, and then use the beginning and ending balances for your inventory account. As you’ve seen, cost of goods sold appears on the Profit and Loss Standard report look for Total COGS but you’ll have to perform a quick calculation to determine average inventory.

Make sure the Expenses tab is highlighted, and click in the Account field. Click the arrow that appears to drop down the list, and select the appropriate expense type. Fill in the rest of the field on the line, making sure to check the Billable box if this is something you can bill back to a customer. If the expense needs to be split into separate categories, create a new line and amount for each. QuickBooks lets you create assemblies, groups of items that are sold together as a kit. If you want to create one, click Lists/Item List, then click the arrow next to Item and click New.


You may not need a CPA to prepare your tax return, but you do need to know the tax issues that affect your business. We will help you select the right products, Quicken, QuickBooks and or Turbotax. If you use Quicken on-line banking feature, check with your bank to see if the bank interfaces with QuickBooks the same way you do with Quicken. If not, QuickBooks does offer, for a fee, on-line bill payment. Before the file is converted, delete any repeating online payment instructions in Quicken and send the deletion instruction to the financial institution. QuickBooks does not support repeating online payments, so you cannot delete or modify once in QuickBooks.


Thus it is not the date on which goods and 11 Quickbooks Tips For Producing Stellar Reports are received that matters, as in accrual accounting, but the dates on which the cash changes hands for the transactions. Cash basis accounting is typically used for tax purposes by individuals but not by corporations. Since most of your nonprofit’s staff will be familiar with Microsoft’s products, using OneNFP Financials is a natural and easy next step for your accounting software needs.

Method 3 – QuickBooks Company File Repair Software

The cheapest QuickBooks plan starts at $30 a month—higher than any of our other recommended bookkeeping solutions. And if you want the best reporting QuickBooks can offer, you’ll need at least the $55 Essentials plan or, preferably, the $85 Plus plan. And while Zoho Books does a great job of tackling all things invoice, you’ll get an even better deal by adding Zoho Invoice to your Zoho Books plan.

  • As shown in Figure 5, you can right-click on an amount, and then choose Edit Transaction to fix the error.
  • Quickbooks has all of the automation features that businesses need in order to automate, track time and keep track of what employees are doing on an hourly basis.
  • In most cases, this gets much of the heavy lifting done for you.
  • QuickBooks allows you to display summary or detailed views of a report by clicking the Collapse or Expandbutton at the top of the report.
  • The session is run by Erin Walsh Dyer, who is a co-founder of ‘The Bookkeepers Friend’, which was named a top 20 QuickBooks Firm of the Future by Intuit.

If you don’t see the Report Basis section, shown in Figure 5, then you’ll know that you can’t toggle the report basis. Now that you understand the ins-and-outs of running cash and accrual basis reports, let’s explore the Statement of Cash Flows. Accrual-basis reports recognize the effect of every transaction on your P&L immediately.

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